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Shift Electrician Receiving Terminal (Kıyıköy)


We are searching for a Shift Electrician for our Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy. In this function, you will perform the operating control of the RT Power Systems on shift base and responsible for ensuring the uninterrupted RT Power systems performance. To qualify for this job, knowledge in normative materials on the operation of power equipment and power supply infrastructure, Electrical Code of Turkey, EU, HSSE and Industrial Safety Codes is required. You are also expected to be familiar with international Codes and Standards (NEN, IEC, ATEX, TSE and GOST).


As a subsidiary of PAO Gazprom, South Stream Transport B.V. is responsible for the construction and operation of the TurkStream Offshore Pipeline.

The TurkStream Offshore Pipeline will start in Anapa, Russia, running over 900 kilometers through the Black Sea to the Turkish coast. The pipeline will help secure energy supplies to Turkey and South-Eastern Europe in a reliable and sustainable way. The Project will use state-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment, to safeguard the pipeline’s safe operation for many decades to come.


  • Responsible for the maintenance of electrical installations with automated uninterrupted power supply and complex circuits on logic gates, rectifier inverters, including those using integrated circuits; captive power plant installation, emergency diesel-generators, power management system and other electrical equipment; 
  • Identify malfunction of the automated equipment with remote control, control gear, signalling and interlocking system; making electrical measurements of the quality parameters of the equipment;
  • Replace electrical, protection devices and measurement transformers at the electrical installations;
  • Ensure good working condition, failures-free and reliable operation of the entrusted devices and equipment, their proper operation, as well as timely and good quality repairs; 
  • Install and manage different types of high-voltage electrical machinery, devices and systems up to 33 kV voltage;
  • Conduct comprehensive testing of motors, electric devices and transformers of different capacities after major repairs;
  • Study the working conditions of the devices, detect the reasons for premature wear-out and take preventive and remedial measures;
  • Participate in preparation of requests for materials, spare parts and tools and shall ensure their cost-effective and efficient consumption/utilization;
  • Provide technical supervision for electrical and thermo-technical equipment used at the enterprise, and provide preparation for operation of boiler vessels working under pressure, steam and hot water, electrical power facilities and other facilities; 
  • Comply with standards and rules on occupational, operation and control, health and fire safety;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Technical High School, Vocational School, Associate degree, 2 year education and above with minimum 5 years of experience in similar role;
  • Knowledge of operational code for electrical equipment and installations; 
  • Knowledge of setup and operating principle of all equipment that is part of electrical installations, including uninterruptible power supply, rectifier units with circuits of all complexity levels; 
  • Understanding of control circuits and automatic schemes for the switching systems of additional battery cells; voltage stabilizers circuits, automatic control circuits and methods for their setup and adjustment;
  • Knowledge of fundamentals of electrical and radio engineering, telemetry, electronics engineering, arrangement and circuit diagrams of different electrical machinery, devices and metering instrumentation;
  • Deep knowledge of regulations, directives, orders, methodical and normative materials on the operation of power equipment and power supply infrastructure, Electrical Code of Turkey, EU, HSSE and Industrial Safety Codes, familiarity with international Codes and Standards (NEN, IEC, ATEX, TSE and GOST) is a must;
  • Turkish and fluent English – both written and oral; Russian is an advantage;
  • Stress and crisis management skills;
  • Ability to work under strict deadlines.


If you have any remaining questions regarding this vacancy, please do not hesitate to contact Esin Algan Kürkcü on +90 212 900 8328. 

If you are interested in this job opportunity we kindly ask you to complete the online application and submit your CV and motivation letter in English. Applications without a CV and motivation letter will not be considered. 

Due to the nature of work, native Turkish is required. The candidate should have the right to work in Turkey.

Please be informed that we do not appreciate acquisition calls/emails from third party recruitment agencies.

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Date posted: 29-03-2019

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