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Head of E&I Department Receiving Terminal (Russian Speaker) (Kıyıköy)


For this prestigious project, we are searching for a Head of E&I Department for our Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy. Your main responsibility in this role will be the overall management and coordination of the team and the activities of the E&I systems to ensure the maximum possible process control; including the full range of technical facilities for automated control as well as fully efficient production operations metrology support. You will meet the relevant competence requirements of your subordinates. In this function, you will report to the Chief Engineer/Deputy Head of Branch Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy.


As a subsidiary of PAO Gazprom, South Stream Transport B.V. is responsible for the construction and operation of the TurkStream Offshore Pipeline.

The TurkStream Offshore Pipeline will start in Anapa, Russia, running over 900 kilometres through the Black Sea to the Turkish coast. The pipeline will help secure energy supplies to Turkey and South-Eastern Europe in a reliable and sustainable way. The Project will use state-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment, to safeguard the pipeline’s safe operation for many decades to come.


  • Management and supervision of RT power supply system (HV, LV Switchgear, Emergency Diesel Generator, Captive Power Plant);
  • Management of the activities of the reported staff, to control accuracy and timely execution of preventive and repair works in accordance with the approved schedules and regulation on maintenance, to ensure reliable and uninterrupted operation of E&I means and E&I systems;
  • Personal management if necessary, urgent repairs and start-up works organisation;
  • Upgrade management of E&I systems;
  • Schedule preparation on maintenance of E&I equipment and systems, hardware components;
  • Monitor of operational control records in the fault logs for the main and auxiliary equipment, troubleshooting management;
  • Instruct and supervise of reported staff to review all faults and emergency events caused by failure of E&I means and systems, to arrange such reviews and participate in them, if necessary, development of preventive measures;
  • Look-ahead plans preparation for E&I processes and plans for performance improvement, participation in development of proposals regarding reconstruction and modernization at the company, enhancement of metering facilities at the production;
  • Arrangement of works related to installation, pre-commissioning, testing and commissioning of the E&I systems and means, carry out monitoring of timely and correct work execution;
  • Correctness application of funds provided for E&I maintenance, carry out record-keeping of allocated funds, E&I RT budget preparation;
  • Arrange requests for the required equipment, materials, to maintain records of their arrival and use;
  • Record management of the works executed by the E&I Department (RT);
  • Manage and monitor completeness and quality of the metering equipment of the company, timely certification of metering equipment;
  • Arrangement of technical supervision of the condition of the E&I means of the facilities under construction, which will be handed over for maintenance in the future as well as to arrange the training of staff to work at such facilities;
  • Arrangement and management of technical training for the staff and ensure qualifications upgrade of the reported staff;
  • Provision of comprehensive support for labour-saving activities in the department, monitoring the implementation of approved labour-saving solutions within the approved timeline;
  • Compliance and following with the requirements for confidential data protection;
  • Secure safe and healthy labour conditions, implementation of the labour conditions improvement plan and sanitary measures;
  • Insure of good working conditions of the equipment, devices and tools, provision for the workers with the Personal Protective Equipment;
  • Control and operate of E&I equipment, fire and gas detection equipment, automated control systems, security alarm system;
  • Elaborate and implement of approved activities aimed at securing reliability of equipment assigned;
  • Assurance and monitor the compliance of manuals for the maintenance of alarm and safety systems with the safe maintenance and repair of instrumentation, E&I equipment, labour protection requirements and the safe operation of the equipment in workshops and different subdivisions;
  • Assurance of preparation of manuals for the maintenance of alarm and security systems, safe maintenance and repair of instrumentation, E&I and  equipment, as well as to assist the workshops and subdivisions in preparation of such manuals and to equip the workstations with such systems and tools;
  • Monitor the execution of contracts for technical maintenance of equipment;
  • Organize trainings, inductions and occupational safety knowledge assessment;
  • Elaborate of manuals for safe execution of works, provision of workstations with tools, posters, signs, official documentation;
  • Timely compliance assurance with the instructions and ordinances of the inspecting occupational safety authorities;
  • Permits to work approval for hazardous work environment;
  • Control that all workers of the department undergo regular medical examination;
  • Participate in investigation of incidents, accidents, occupational diseases that occurred in the workshop. Analyse the reasons for such incidents and diseases, elaborate corrective measures and monitor their implementation;
  • Organize monthly meetings with the participation of public inspectors and reported staff, at which he/she examines the state of occupational safety, develops activities and inform the Chief Engineer – Deputy Head of Branch RT of the implementation of such activities;
  • Proposals submission to the company’s management on recognition of employees who are actively participating in activities to improve occupational safety and proposals on bringing to responsibility those employees who violate occupational safety requirements;
  • Head of E&I Department (RT) shall bear liability for material damage and loss for direct actual damage and for the damage entailed by indemnification of the other individuals in cases envisaged in the Labour Code of the Republic of Turkey or other federal laws;
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Master degree in Electrical Engineering, Electric Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering or related disciplines;
  • At least 15 years professional experience in the electric and power engineering, specialized secondary (technical) education and professional experience in the E&I engineering (E&I, instrumentation, metering);
  • At least 5 years’ experience with management positions in technical and engineering field;
  • Experience with Operational Codes for gas pipelines, HSSE Code, Unified HSSE Management System, Fire Safety Protection Code, Labour Code, relevant knowledge in International and EU Regulation, full knowledge of Standards (NEN, IEC, ATEX, TSE, GOST), directives, orders, methodical and normative materials on the operation of power equipment and power supply infrastructure, Electrical Code of Turkey;
  • Head of E&I Department (RT) must undergo a test on the HSSE rules for the electrical installations and other necessary HSSE tests in accordance with the local regulation. 
  • Knowledge of the RT facilities and equipment design, process and E&I equipment, power supply, E&I, instrumentation and metering systems (including fiscal gas metering systems), be familiar with process of operation, maintenance, calibration, verification, periodic checks, unified system of preventative maintenance and efficient operation of the equipment, repair and replacement of above mentioned systems and equipment;
  • Previous experience working in international and multicultural environment as a plus;
  • Native in Russian, fluent in English, Turkish is an advantage;
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Must be stress and crisis resistant, reliable and highly flexible adjusting to current workload;
  • Must have an ability to cope with strict deadlines.

Head of E&I Department (RT) shall be acquainted with:

  • Decrees, instructions, orders of the higher-level authorities, guidelines, regulatory and other documents related to E&I and metering facilities for production support;
  • Profile, field and structure of the company. Production facilities and peculiarities of the gas transportation technology;
  • Peculiarities and purpose of E&I means and computing equipment, operation rules and main requirements for E&I systems;
  • Main requirements for scientific management of labour;
  • Achievements of national and foreign science and technology in the field of E&I of industrial processes and metering facilities;
  • Fundamentals of economics, production engineering, labour and management;
  • Essentials of the labour legislation.


If you have any remaining questions regarding this vacancy, please do not hesitate to contact Esin Algan Kürkcü on +90 212 900 8328

If you are interested in this job opportunity we kindly ask you to complete the online application and submit your CV and motivation letter in English. Applications without a CV and motivation letter will not be considered. 

Please be informed that we do not appreciate acquisition calls/emails from third party recruitment agencies.

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Date posted: 16-02-2019

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