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Senior Process Engineer (Amsterdam)


We are building up our Operations Department and recruiting for a Senior Process Engineer. In this function, you will be responsible for the real time and offline gas flow modelling, optimization modelling of the main pipeline gas transportation systems and related equipment, control of the flow process of natural gas and transportation process in accordance with the set requirements and contract obligations of the Company for the gas transportation. You will manage the required commodity input performance as well as review the process flow changes. In addition, you will also be responsible for process efficiency and reliability enhancement as well as operation optimisation and improvement ensuring reliable and safe operation of the South Stream Transport B.V. pipeline system from Anapa region in Russia via Black Sea to Turkish Republic. Senior Process Engineer reports to Head of Dispatching. 

To qualify for this role, solid flow assurance experience with steady and transient gas transportation modes of main pipelines is required. You shall be deeply familiar with the operation of the main elements of gas transportation networks (compressor stations, valves, gas metering stations, gas distribution stations, automation systems) and related dispatching activities. Finally, experience with communication to the dedicated staff of control rooms of downstream and upstream operators, shipper control room is a must have. 


As a subsidiary of PAO Gazprom, South Stream Transport B.V. is responsible for the construction and operation of the TurkStream Offshore Pipeline.

The TurkStream Offshore Pipeline will start in Anapa, Russia, running over 900 kilometres through the Black Sea to the Turkish coast. The pipeline will help secure energy supplies to Turkey and South-Eastern Europe in a reliable and sustainable way. The Project will use state-of-the-art technology, materials and equipment, to safeguard the pipeline’s safe operation for many decades to come.


  • Provide support for the shift dispatchers of CCR and RT in steady and transient gas transportation modes via PPS software;
  • Responsible for the maintenance and updates of the hydraulic model of the South Stream Transport B.V. pipeline system in PPS;
  • Develop the most efficient gas transportation modes and equipment load for routine and emergency cases;
  • Responsible for the calculations related to commercial dispatching processes (confirmation of nominations, allocation, matching, etc.);
  • Control on a daily and other periodical basis the calculations of pipeline system inventory and fuel gas consumption;
  • Calculate the amount of vented gas for the routine and emergency cases;
  • Develop and optimizes gas flow modes for pre-commissioning/commissioning and operational tasks;
  • Maintain the integrity of the SSTTBV pipeline system via the control of gas transportation parameters taking into account system restrictions. Communicates the deviations to PIMS engineer;
  • Proactively participate in the management of emergencies, including support of shift dispatchers at CCR and LCR of RT;
  • Participate in the development of maintenance plans from the optimal transportation modes point of view;
  • Act as a Dispatching Department representative as assigned by Head of Dispatching;
  • Develop and approve procedures, agreements and instructions related to flow calculations and commercial dispatching processes;
  • Act as a functional client for the contractors during the development of procedures, agreements, instructions and other documents related to flow calculations and commercial dispatching processes;
  • Participate in the development of technical requirements, specifications, data sheets, design tasks related to flow calculations and commercial dispatching processes;
  • Participate in the implementation of the software dedicated to the process control, flow calculations of gas transportation and commercial dispatching;
  • Manage SSTTBV contractors related to flow assurance tasks;
  • Control and reviews daily, monthly, and other gas balance reports;
  • Control and review consumption of fuels gas at RT; provides the expertise to optimize fuel gas consumption;
  • Optimize the gas transportation modes in collaboration with Senior Dispatcher of CCR to minimize the gas losses during normal transportation, maintenance, emergency cases and restart of RT, LFR processes; 
  • Participate in the preparation of the reports about the incidents, accidents and other emergencies at pipeline system, including reports to local authorities;
  • Conduct trainings with CCR and RT dispatchers, for the localisation of the pipeline incidents via PPS training module. Develop the training cases for shift dispatchers;
  • Monitor gas flow and gas quality at the entry and exit points. Reports about discrepancy from calculated results and provides the expertise to resolve the issue;
  • Manage nomination and allocation process of commercial dispatching;
  • Predict and mitigate the effect of all emergency or abnormal situations with a help of the Pipeline Performance System (PPS);
  • Perform calculations at PPS in order to manage the gas transportation modes of the pipeline system in accordance with approved nominations;
  • Perform all kind of relevant reports on a daily, hourly, etc. basis or ad hoc basis. 
  • Communicate with upstream and downstream dispatching centres, dispatching centres of the shippers, Central Operation Dispatching Department (Gazprom) (in case of need);
  • Perform administrative duties such as preparing daily reports and procedural updates, performance reporting and operational efficiencies;
  • Actively contribute to training and mentoring of new staff;
  • Proactively take part in realization and usage of the latest in software technology and sophisticated computer technology to ensure the safe and efficient operation of the pipelines and terminals;
  • Keen to perform office works (ITT support, detailed engineering review);
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Master’s Degree in Mechanical or Automation Engineering Degree connected with a main gas transport is a must;
  • 8+ years of relevant main pipeline gas transportation experience in gas flow transportation modelling, dispatching, operation, additional relevant pre-commissioning and commissioning experience in gas transportation system is advantage;
  • Experience with International, European, Gazprom/Turkish norms and codes related to pre-commissioning, commissioning, operations and commercial dispatching for the gas main pipelines;
  • Knowledge of Offshore standard DET NORSKE VERITAS DNV-OS-F101 SUBMARINE PIPELINE SYSTEMS is mandatory as a main design code for the project;
  • Be competent with major relevant offshore pipeline codes and standards: DNV, API, ASME etc.
  • Advanced proficiency of the dynamic processes with relevant modelling and calculations;
  • Proficiency and understanding of SCADA functionality in pipeline system / Gas transmission operations to overview pipeline hydraulics, facilities and operations;
  • Knowledge of technical parameters and operations of the equipment located at LFR and RT, including but not limited to shutdown and control valves, valves instrumentation, HIIPPS, PIG traps, water bath heaters, separators, gas metering stations;
  • Full knowledge of Cause & Effect matrix of RT and LFR in order ensure the transportation process without an emergency and process shutdowns;
  • Working knowledge / experience of temperature control / fluid analysis and flow induced vibrations analysis to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / experience of evaluation and prevention of hydrate formation in the gas lines and dead legs to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of pipeline services processes to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of condensate hydraulics modelling and calculations’ interpretation to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of thermal hydraulics and process simulation interpretation using OLGA, Pipesim and Hysys etc. interface to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of using slug (pig) tracking and compositional tracking modules to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge of maintenance contractor management;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of pipeline maintenance processes to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of liquid content evaluation in the pipeline as function of gas flow rate and arrival pressure to the required operational extent;
  • Working knowledge / understanding of the performance and operation of pipelines, valves and process modules (compressors, pumps, coolers, anti-surge valves etc.) to the required operational extent;
  • Team-playing attitude; keen to work in multicultural contexts;
  • Previous experience working in international and multicultural environment as a plus;
  • Fluent in English – both written and oral;
  • Very good verbal and written communication skills;
  • Must be stress and crisis resistant, reliable and highly flexible adjusting to current workload;
  • Must have an ability to cope with strict deadlines.


If you have any remaining questions regarding this vacancy, please do not hesitate to contact Lucy van der Vlist on +31 20 262 47 26. 

If you are interested in this job opportunity we kindly ask you to complete the online application and submit your CV and motivation letter in English. Applications without a CV and motivation letter will not be considered. 

Please note that Dutch working permit and residence permit is required.

Please be informed that we do not appreciate acquisition calls/emails from third party recruitment agencies.

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Date posted: 16-02-2019

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