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Head of Mechanical Department Receiving Terminal (Kıyıköy) 20-06-2019

We are looking for a Head of Mechanical Department to join our team in the Receiving Terminal office in Kıyıköy. Head of Mechanical Department is responsible to provide discipline engineering expertise and leadership for Mechanical part of operational activities. In this function, you will be responsible for the onshore facilities at Turkish side of the Turkstream offshore pipeline related to the Mechanical equipment (pipelines, valves, PIG traps, separators, water bath heaters, HIPPS, gas metering stations, Fuel gas treatment unit, piping etc.) and discipline. Therefore, previous experience in pre-commissioning, commissioning and operation is mandatory (construction and operation internship experience would be an asset). In this function, you will manage a team of Mechanical Engineers and Mechanical Technicians. You will report to the Chief Engineer – Deputy Head of Branch.


Team Assistant Receiving Terminal (Kıyıköy) 20-06-2019

We are looking for an energetic and multitasking Team Assistant to join our team in Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy. In this role, you will support the Receiving terminal team in all administrative matters, including travel arrangements and reporting to management. 

Chief Operator Receiving Terminal (Kıyıköy) 20-06-2019

We are looking to recruit a Chief Operator for our Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy to manage the activities of the RT’s dispatching service and provide performance and solution of issues which assigned to the service. Mainly, you will provide the operating control of the natural gas transportation process at Receiving Terminal (RT) and to downstream operators in Turkey, and the transmission of dispatching information to the Central/Backup Control Room (CCR) of our company. 

In this role, you will manage the control of the main equipment of RT (pipelines, control valves, PIG traps, separators, water bath heaters, HIPPS, gas metering stations, fuel gas treatment unit, captive power plant (CPP), piping etc.). Therefore, previous engineering and dispatching experience with gas transportation via main pipelines as a senior operator/dispatcher is mandatory.

Translator/Interpreter Turkish-English-Russian (Istanbul) 20-06-2019

We are looking to recruit a Translator/Interpreter (Turkish-English-Russian) for our Turkish branch. You will provide Turkish-English and Turkish-Russian (and vice versa) written translation and verbal interpreting of all types of documents and topics required by the Company, including, but not limited to technical, legal, commercial, financial etc. In the Turkish branch, he/she will administratively report to the Head of Branch and functionally will report to the Senior Translator/Interpreter who is based in Istanbul.

Technical Dispatcher (Amsterdam) 20-06-2019

We're building up our Central Control room in Amsterdam and are recruiting Technical Dispatchers. You will be responsible for control of the flow process of natural gas and transportation process in accordance with the set requirements. A good candidate would have a solid engineering experience with gas transportation via main pipelines as a dispatcher of a control room. The dispatcher shall be familiar with the operation of the main elements of gas transportation networks (compressor stations, valves, gas metering stations, gas distribution stations, automation systems - SGS, PCS, F&GS, etc.) and related dispatching activities. You shall be experienced with commination to the dedicated stuff of control rooms of downstream and upstream operators.

You will be ensuring that the required volumes of gas is transported on time without compromising the pipeline system integrity and that operating envelope is not compromised by the operating conditions of the pipeline system. You will be responsible for control of all operations activities (maintenance, repair, inspection, etc.) and for the actions during the emergency, ensuring reliable and safe operation of the South Stream Transport B.V. pipeline system from Anapa region in Russia via Black Sea to Turkish Republic. The main workplace is located within Central/Backup Control Room of South Stream Transport B.V. in The Netherlands. You will functionally manage all Shift operators of Receiving Terminal in Turkey (RT) and staff of all disciplines located at Landfall Facilities in Russia (LFR) and RT which appointed for the emergency response actions at LFR and RT in case of emergencies.

Metrology Specialist (Amsterdam) 17-06-2019

We are building up our Operations Department and recruiting for a Metrology Specialist you will support the E&I Team during preparation for Operations, conducts technical documentation on operation, repair, calibration of measuring instruments. Personally supervises the correctness of the technical documentation for the equipment, schedules the checking and calibrations controls of the measurement equipment calibration and calibration of instruments in accordance with the approved delivery plan of SSTTBV landfall facilities measurement systems of Gas Receiving Terminal.

Mechanical Engineer AGI (Operations Team) (Amsterdam) 13-06-2019

We are building up our Operations Department and are looking to recruit Mechanical Engineer AGI. This is a critical function within the Operations Department delivering on safely and reliable functioning of all Mechanical Equipment (pipelines, valves, PIG traps, separators, waterbath heaters, HIPPS, gas metering stations, etc.) in our Russian landfall facility (LFR) or Turkish Receiving Terminal in Turkey (RT).  You will provide discipline engineering expertise and leadership for Mechanical discipline and related equipment (valves, pig traps, pipelines, HIPPS, separators, gas metering ststions, waterbath heaters, etc.) during operations you will be part of pre-commissioning, commissioning and start-up activities. You will monitor Contractor’s activities and progress within his/her area of expertise. Therefore, Mechanical Engineering experience gained within the pre-commissioning, commissioning and operational phase of international gas projects is mandatory. You will report hierarchically to the Head of Above Ground Installations and functionally to the Head of Commissioning for activities related to commissioning and operations.


Senior Maintenance (CMMS) Specialist (Amsterdam) 05-06-2019

We are recruiting for a Senior Maintenance (CMMS) Specialist to join our team in Amsterdam office to provide maintenance, CMMS expertise and leadership for the Company. You will be responsible to develop and utilize the CMMS (Computerised Maintenance Management System) functionality in order to optimize the efficiency and effectiveness of maintenance activities at the Company Facilities. You will report directly to the Head of Mechanical Department. 

Electrical System Engineer Receiving Terminal (Russian speaker) (Kıyıköy) 22-05-2019

We are recruiting for a Electrical System Engineer (internal job title: Power Systems Engineer) to join our team in the Receiving Terminal in Kıyıköy, Turkey. You will provide and maintain the necessary level of power supply equipment of the Receiving Terminal. You will ensure a smooth operation, proper maintenance, repair and modernization of energy equipment, electric and thermal networks of air and gas. You will be reporting to the Head of E&I Receiving Terminal.

Tax and Customs Specialist Turkey Branch (Istanbul) 13-05-2019

For this prestigious project we are recruiting for a Tax and Customs Specialist. You will handle tax and customs related matters, including but not limited to tax and customs compliance, audits, rulings, queries and disputes. It relies on the execution of tax and customs reporting and compliance function. In this position, you will be responsible for implementing tax and customs planning opportunities in order to enhance the Branch tax and customs position. You will be also required to provide support and input on various tax and customs related matters arising during the Project as well as tax and customs risk management. 

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